game changing technology
for lithium batteries

Mobile, smart & sustainable electrical energy


Mobility is based on 3 pillars: Transport, Connectivity and Energy

Otonohm is committed to sustainably meeting the expectations and needs of the energy pillar. We are convinced that electrical energy is a sustainable and long-term solution to Mobility.

Smart, long-lasting & multi-purpose batteries

Otonohm designs and produces electrical energy solutions for professionals to charge & power electrical devices. Otonohm taps into its cross-sector experience to offer its customers user-based innovation.

Our asset: a technological breakthrough, the integrated battery

  • A BMS with integrated charging and converting functions
  • A battery that adapts to input and/or output voltage
  • A mobile solution: lighter, less bulky, no charger, no converter, no unnecessary losses!
  • Patented technology 100% made in France in partnership with the CEA.
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Disruptive technology on the BMS
(Battery Management System)

Otonohm battery

An energy solution equipped with switched BMS

This innovation is based on a particular cell assembly and most importantly on the integrated BMS, which is particularly specific as it does not depend on electrochemistry.

Smarter & more sustainable batteries

A single battery can power or charge several electrical devices of different voltages and signals (AC / DC): our solutions are universal and multi-purpose.

More efficient, 98% of the energy is usable


  • Charger + battery + converter = energy solution
  • Only 80% of the energy is usable
  • Single battery = single use

Otonohm battery :

  • Battery with switched BMS = energy solution, no need for a charger or a converter
  • 98% of the energy is usable
  • A battery with switched BMS = multi-purpose = less battery pollution

Our business sectors are as broad as the electrical energy markets

Convinced that the success of a project is the result of collaborative work, we animate a network of technical experts who complement our own skills. We respond quickly and commit to the excellence of the solutions we offer.

Business sectors

& innovation.


Otonohm always develops its solutions in co-design. This is to ensure customers are offered a solution perfectly suited to their technical requirements and that each stakeholder of the project has, through their expertise, contributed to a sustainable solution.

Technical expertise

Otonohm brings its customers technical expertise on charging, batteries and energy conversion. Its know-how ranges from prototyping to the industrialization of its solutions or customer products.

CEA Partnership

Otonohm has signed a partnership with the CEA in order to be able to benefit, in its field, from innovations and disruptive technologies such as the switched BMS.

Certifications & regulatory monitoring

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ByExpert accompanies us throughout our processes to guarantee the highest attainable quality and safety. We take it on ourselves to ensure correct certification depending on the areas of distribution or use of our energy solutions. We ensure regulatory monitoring. ByExpert website
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More than 20 years of combined experience
on electric drive-chains and Lithium battery design.

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If you think it’s only fair to be able to tap into all the energy contained in your battery pack, contact us!